Currently we offer two types of Suet Cakes, two sizes of our Birdie Bon-Bons and Suet Plugs

NoMelt Suet Cakes

Weather tested to +20C, our 300g NoMelt Suet Cakes are a perfect food source to have out during fall, spring or when the Chinook Winds roll into town. Using a mix of grains, peanut butter, ground beef fat and different seed/nut/fruit blends, they are a wonderful food source that are sure to keep the birds coming back for more!

Use the cakes to refill an existing suet holder or you can lay them flat on the branches of your favourite bird watching tree.

Suet holder not included

Birdie Bon-Bons

These ornamental suet balls are made with our EveryBird Blend NoMelt suet and come as a mix pack of 12-50g balls in an egg carton (available October- December) or 2-150g balls. Just like our NoMelt cakes, they will hold their shape to +20C.

Sitting on a small wooden disc and threaded with cotton string, our Bon-Bons look great while attracting a wide variety of birds to your yard. They can also be removed from the string to put into a suet log or wreath holder. As an added bonus, $1 from each package of Birdie Bon-Bons sold is donated to the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

SubZero Suet Cakes
(Formerly known as BelowTen Suet Cakes)

Suitable for when the daytime high is 0C or lower, these 300g cakes are made using only rendered beef fat and seeds/nuts/fruit. A high calorie treat, they are an easy food source for our resident birds to access during those bitter cold snaps we so often get in Calgary.

These cakes are best suited for a spot where they will stay shaded and should be put back in the freezer or switched out for NoMelt cakes when the daytime high will be above 0C. Available October-March

Suet holder not included

NoMelt Suet Plugs

Made with our NoMelt Nutty Knocker suet blend, our suet plugs come in a package of 12-50g balls, making them a perfect fit for most log and ring suet holders. Just like our NoMelt suet cakes, they will hold their shape up to +20C.

To use with a log suet holders, just remove from the freezer or refrigerator, leave on the counter until slightly softened, then mould into the holes.

Suet Holder not included

Varsity Acres Garden Blend 2022* - Coming Soon!

Every Bird Blend - Sunflower Chips

Nutty Knocker Blend - Shelled Peanuts, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Filberts

Finicky Finch Blend - Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Nyjer Seeds

*NEW* Mealworm Buffet Blend - Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Dried Blue Berries, Dried Mealworms

*Limited Quantity Available